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Top 6 Reasons why your business needs a website.

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A website is the first step for you to get business online. Let’s be honest, every business has certain limitation to geographical areas or region. The leads and sales are said to be the bloodline of the business. Now the question arises, how can you get Sales and brand presence? How can you expand without any geographical boundaries? The answer is simple: By creating your professional website.

Here, we are listing out some insights which will change your perception about the digital channels to market your business.

People are searching for you Online

As per the latest statistics, Google averages 40,000 searches every second, which equates to 1.2 trillion searches worldwide per year. People can trust more on brands who have their online presence.  Even they can check your availability, offers, business details, and contact details on their gadgets from anywhere and anytime.

Nowadays everyone is searching for their requirements online whether be it, booking a marriage ceremony, buying food online, checking good local restaurants, good clothes and what NOT. Now if you have a business website, you have an added advantage to your customer. Also, if you do some local SEO and can rank for your business, that will help you to generate more leads for your business.

So every 7 out of 10 businesses are getting business through their website. Customers come and searched on Internet with their requirements and inquire them either through your Helpline number or through your email. So if you don’t make a website now, you will be losing business.

You can educate and convert customers better

As per our various reports, it is found that every customer has certain expectation and questions. If we display the information and trust building elements which clears their doubts and answer their queries. It is seen when they contact you they will be more confident and you can convert them easily. It is because your website is answer and building the trust to them for you.

Whether you are operating in B2B or B2C business anyone visiting your website must get these 5 answers after visiting your website:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you offering?
  3. Why should they hire you? (What makes you different from others?)
  4. Do you have case studies / Your Portfolio
  5. How do they contact you?

This is customer centric world where people make judgments fast and they either hire you or fire you. A user friendly design strategy can help your customers where customers don’t have to scroll down much to know about your company.

Customers can be kept engaged

Social media is the biggest influencing platform now days where everyone wants to engage with news, events and upcoming promotions along with gossips.

In a similar way, the 21st century business website must be designed in such a way that you can engage your customers. Now you can engage them by writing about valuable content, upcoming events, promotions, bonuses and Blog. Chat option on your website is add on feature. You can also do time to time surveys of your customers to check their mood and bring out any special offers related to your niche. So the main idea is to keep your customers engaged.

For Example: If you are running an ecommerce website where you are selling clothes, you can hire a fashion designers and invite them for a Live Talk show on your On Your social media pages and where they can share some fashion tips Which influence your audience and create the engagement for your business.

A Website saves Time

A website saves your valuable time. Let’s discuss about various ways of offline promotions instead of online website.

If you are working offline, you will be devoting time to customers over phone calls, face to face meetings, seminars, trade shows, networking events and also you will need to create flyers, brochures, catalogues. This all requires a lot of time, efforts, manpower, and investment. These all are parts of traditional marketing. Most importantly they will also cost you lots of investment with no guarantee of amount of profits.

However if you create a website, you can change the rules of the game by pulling in traffic that is online visitors, prospects, customers to your website. A website which speaks about your services along with your portfolio will bring in more Leads, inquiry calls and conversions. You will only need to promote your website in your niche.

For Example: Selling keywords like “best guitar teacher in my area” if your website is about Guitar Teaching and you are a Guitar Teacher. Now you will get Leads and you can follow them and get business easily. So website saves your Time and that is why you must build a website.

A Website improves customer Service

A website definitely improves customer service because you provide immense value and consultation to your customers.

You can provide tips and tricks on how to use your products. Let’s say, if you are selling some products or services. In this case you can come Live on social media and educate your audience about your products and services and guide them more on it. This will not only increase your product value but also trust factor and old students will buy more from you and new students will also enroll into your course.

It’s always advisable to update Frequently Asked Questions Page that is FAQs page and Resources section so this will tell your customers on how to use your product, the return policy and various topics related to it. By giving them live chat options you can also solve customers’ basic query by chat bots which leads the increase a customers’ satisfaction level. Your small video tutorial about the products also helps the customers to understand the basics of products uses.

Leveraging Social Media Channels to your website

There is a difference between normal water and mineral water. If you use mineral water daily for 5 years, you will increase your immunity by 35%. Now you heard that website is important. But we also need to use the different social media channel to educate our customers about our brand. This is the best way to drive the quality traffic to our website.

Social Media is the best medium to interact with your fans. If you are running an Ecommerce store selling clothes, you must have an Instagram Channel where you can showcase your latest designs. You can invite celebrities in your Niche to Intstagram Live or Facebook Live.

In a way, your website must have links to the following social media channels:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn Business Page

Why customers will people buy from you?

Customer always relate the experience and look for proofs. If we convince them that you have a solution of their problems. We can also build trust by attaching social proofs, video testimonials, text testimonials and mainly portfolio of your work.

The Final Conclusion

We have always emphasized on the need of getting an online presence of your business through a website after which you can skyrocket your sales. The important fact is that you must have these 8 things in your website:

  1. Lead Capture Page asking for Clients Name, Email ID and Phone No
  2. Lead Capture Form attached to your auto responder such as Mail Chimp
  3. Services Page
  4. A Blog Section
  5. FAQs and Resources Section
  6. Live Chat Integrated to your Home Page
  7. Portfolio Page
  8. Contact Us Page

We are in 2020 the fastest year of growth. Everyone is growing their business through website. If you don’t use website to upscale then you will lose out. So don’t lose out and go for an awesome website and we will HELP you to build a great website.

All the Best!

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