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Why you should have ecommerce website for your business in 2020?

The behavior of customers has changed over time by time. They are relying on the new evolution of the digital era. Now digital evolution took the place of big yellow pages book and replaced by online directory.

We can see in the current time being, everyone business is falling down. Some of them are planning to temporarily shut down the business. Today is the perfect time to having Website for your business. Current scenario it’s good time to utilize this lock down time by creating an ecommerce website for your business and start promoting your business online before your competitor takes advantage of the situation. 

Nowadays people are more relying on online solutions rather than typical traditional solutions. Peoples are interested in getting more options in a single search. Every small business has an online presence nowadays to grow his business and reach to more people. In 2020, India has around 564.5 millions of internet users. According to one research, Amazon India Revenue in 2019 is around 7594cr. Now let’s talk about point to point why ecommerce website necessary in 2020.

Customer Expectations: Your tech-savvy customer is now more reliable on the internet and they want from you to have your business website and find more information in relation to your business. By having a website you can increase your selling limits, your brand values, and reliabilities. You can also spot a relevant audience and bring your marketing message all 365 days.

High Conversation Ratio: This is the platform where you can clarify the client’s questions which they have for you or your business or the brand. Most of the websites have basic Information about who you are, where you are, why you are, What You have etc. When you are illuminating that information, keep them simple and short.

Extensible working hours: Your content is available for almost 24*7 for your desirable clients. It means somehow you are always available for them and you can say goodbye to “we are closed” sign. But providing them support your sales will increase unexpectedly. The most user-friendly solution is chat boats. By implementing them you can work effectively with less manpower. They can solve the basic problems of your customers easily and fast which also create a strong customer relationship-based. 


Dominate the narrative: You can promote your brand your aim or products because you can’t stop the person who is talking negatively about your product or brand. Instead of using the traditional promotion idea you can put the information on the website and spread the awareness about your company and your products. According to the one research, there are 63000 Searches per second in India and There are chances that many of them are looking for the products which you are offering!!! Just Imagine What if your business doesn’t have an online presence?? Maybe some other competitors get that deal? 

Displayed Your Extras:  By having an online website it doesn’t stop to just selling products. By putting useful tips or tutorial in video and audio forms. Even you can write some blogs relevant to your business and attract the clients by giving them some extra information and services. Even you can showcase your offers and Push them to buy your products from your website only. You can also highlight your awards, testimonials, and future planning to your clients by giving them a clear vision of your future business. Doing all these, clients are not become a client only them become a part of your success stories too. 

Hazy Social Media Reach: Are you still relying on social media for your business??? Then you might be your competitors grab your business who have a website. Facebook Relive that Around 50 Million fewer hours peoples spend on Facebook Compare to the previous year. This means, having a social media presence for your business is not enough to attract the clients and increase your business. Therefore, many of the companies are now creating his business website instead of relying on Social media only. 

Giving Doorstep Services: Having a website for a customer it doesn’t mean that they only came and see your products and brand details they also purchase your products online. Websites make quite easy for shoppers to buy something from anywhere and anytime. They can purchase the products from any platform which ride your business sales and profit. Even clients can return the products very easily if they have any problems or issues with quality.          

Check Points For Creating eCommerce Website

Consulting:  Before doing anything, the first things you need to find, strong ecommerce consulting team that can guide you. The success of eCommerce highly dependent on what solution we are building our infrastructure and how we plan our marketing Strategy. The ecommerce Consultant can lead you the right way and can prepare the success plan for your according to your vision

Domain Name & Hosting: These two parameters are very important. The domain name should be containing your company name. Or in case it’s not available then you can choose to look alike name or should be reflecting your brand name. Make Sure it should be within 15 characters as per SEO. 

Another important factor which is important is web hosting. Because performance of the website is also depend on it. If we have highly optimized website but our hosting is not that good enough then we will not get loading speed that we desire. Secondly there are lot of areas such as security, support, optimization etc which is taken care by while choosing hosting companies. Therefore considering this factors the decision for hosting support need to be made. You have to carefully choose services providers that can reflect your changes quickly.

Designing:  Let’s come to designing. ecommerce Web Designing has to be a product of several brainstorming session as designing is not as simple as we think. Engaging the customer with website and converting them required a detailed study of customer behavior and tendency practices.  So the best thing is to hire some best eCommerce Website development company and let them manage it and designed it as per our target audience. You have to choose eye catchy, highly responsive and easy navigation website which should be doesn’t resemble your competitor.

Choosing the Right Framework: There are lot of options available in the market which called framework on which we can develop our eCommerce store.  However each framework has the different use, pros and cons as per the customer objective. For example, the companies which are doing pretty good business in offline market might have different objectives with online business so like the start-up which are looking for economical and robust option to start their ecommerce business.Therefore the foundation of eCommerce business will highly rely on your decision to develop the online store.

Final Point

Having a website costs some pennies and provides you with a huge return over the long term. Having a professional website, brand name, and online presence gives your business a chance to be in front of the right target. It’s also helped you to increase the sales, boosting your business from the bottom line and grow it strongly.

So Instead of asking why you should have an eCommerce website, ask why not? 

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