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Ecommerce Support & Maintenance Company

Our Support Ninja's Make Smooth Sailing for Your Shoppers

Ecommerce shopping journey begins with a quick loading, fast interactions on the screen, and engaging things on the website. The disengagement occurs when a shopper faces a long waiting period to load content, see error messages, hanging or crashes occur, or unexpected things appear on the screens instead of smooth sailing across the conversion funnel.

Our highly trained, experienced, and ecommerce support specialist team can easily mitigate such issues even before those erupt on the surface. We remove all hurdles to come into the way of providing exceptional UX by our constant monitoring, scanning,and taking precautionary measures.

Our instantaneous ecommerce support services and regular preventive maintenance let you stress-free and concentrate on your online sales. Would you like to summon us to sign the right support & maintenance package according to your ecommerce platform and business niche?

We Are Value-adding Ecommerce Support & Maintenace Company

  • Ecommerce platforms are varying by technologies, tools, and offerings. Dealing with different technicalities while providing value-adding support and maintenance services is challenging for an ecommerce team.
  • Our full-stack ecommerce developers have knacks to beat such challenges beautifully. We deliver ecommerce platform-specific support and maintenance services for your ecommerce solutions. Our seasoned support and consulting team jump on the board after a thorough understanding of platform-specific nuances existing in your ecommerce storefront.
  • We used to examine server resources, usage patterns, and platform-specific trends. It enables us to provide consistency in your ecommerce functions. We bring almost zero downtime by on-the-spot bug fixing and implementing updated security patches.
  • Our successful dealing with performance glitches assures optimum performance and resource utilization. In the case of an emergency like crashes due to traffic spikes, we ensure foolproof backup and restoration plan and bring the site into life by the quick resumption of activities.

Key Features of Our Ecommerce Website Support & Maintenance Services.

Urgent Issues Fixing Service
Our emergency support policy tells us to prioritize issues, which are demanding urgent attention to prevent further damages. Thereby, we attend urgent issues first and resolve those within the shortest possible time frame.

Source Code Auditing Service
We know the source code of your ecommerce solution could be a potential place to give birth to various bugs, vulnerabilities, and security threats. We use automated scanning tools to detect its presence and eliminate it immediately.

Store Enhancement Service
We keep close eyes on trends in the ecommerce niche of a client and provide value-adding feature & functionality inclusions. Thus, the store provides enhanced performance and stays ahead in the competition.

Bearing Day-to-Day Website Tasks
Our Ecommerce Customer Support team look after day-to-day ecommerce site tasks, such as minor front-end tweaks, updating promotional banners, landing page, notifications, and link updates with product updates. It lets our patrons relieve from daily burdens and attention so that they can focus more on sales and marketing challenges.

Performance Analysis Reporting
We used to carry various performance analysis on different parameters and segments of your ecommerce storefront.

Security Service
We carry regular security monitoring, scanning, and analysis to detect, test, and resolve various security threats as well as vulnerabilities. We prepare regular reports on our security activities and steps we have taken.

SEO Audit
Our time-to-time SEO audit provides the status of your ecommerce in the SERPs and among your competitions. We provide detailed reports and suggestions which help SEO marketing team to set marketing targets and make changes accordingly.

Benefits of our support services.

24X7X365 Way Support

We have created infrastructure and allocated resources to provide our loyal clientele round-the-clock support services for any general or technical query with positive responses. We believe in taking immediate steps when we realize the emergency if the customer has signed our support & maintenance package. Thereby, we are constantly monitoring sites of our loyal patrons.

Better Consulting

We are avid ecommerce consultants in the first place and S&M team afterward. Therefore, we proffer you the best consulting services when you need to select the S&M plan. Our ecommerce consultants help you in support services and guide you for version updates, platform migration, and various crucial decisions regarding your online business with the right mentors and mentoring services. They have deep expertise on the major platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, ZenCart,and more.

Dedicated Account Managers

We offer our patrons dedicated account managers to look after various aspects of the project management, supports, and maintenance services. Our dedicated project managers carry responsibilities of your project throughout the software life cycle and establish direct communication channels with you for any emergency need for your ecommerce solutions.

Complete Transparency and Collaboration

When your project is going on, we provide you direct access to your team by involving you in our smart PMS and through various communication channels. Apart from it, when you sign our S&M packages, we provide you with completely transparent reports about our activities and actions taken. Thus, we are honest, transparent, and of collaborative nature to our patrons and in the industry.

Complete Guidance

We monitor, scan, analyze, and producing reports regularly on the status of your ecommerce storefront. Our deep understanding of various ecommerce platforms and our full-stack ecommerce expertise enable us to make value-adding recommendations for store improvements or required changes for better performance, growth, and high ROI.

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