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Angular JS Development Company

Hyzen, An Experienced AngularJS company for your project.

Our forte in JavaScript technologies, particularly Angular JS, has rendered us champions of front-end developers. Our UIs stitch the eyes of your end-users as they fall in love at first sight.

Smart UI elements pertly draw them throughout the conversion funnel and stamp them as loyal customers immediately on the next repeat visits within the shortest lapses.

Be it an ecommerce site, single page application (SPA), mobile apps, or web portals with tons of mess ups of dynamism & animations, and our Angular JS developers have crafted application at the core of user experience.

Value-adding AngularJS Application Development

  • We have exploited the flexibility of the Angular JS framework to create seamless coupling with other libraries and frameworks.
  • With the ionic framework, we have exploited Angular JS for high-end mobile apps delivering native-like experiences even without native mobile technologies in Angular mobile development.
  • Coupling with React Native, Node JS, and Typescript like modern technologies, we have jumped into the sea of enterprise solutions and sailed successfully with yielding dynamic and well-structured applications for the diverse user base.
  • When we have tried with PWA (Progressive Web App) development using impeccable offerings of AngularJS, our clientele was more than happy with the response they gained from the market.

The same results we have experienced with AI and associated technologies for Chatbot development and heightened UX in IoT like complex needs.

A Range of AngularJS Development Services

Angular JS Custom Development
Angular JS framework boasts with a treasure of nuts & bolts to tweak your application that can auspiciously meet your tailored requirements. For instance, Data Binding, MVC paradigm, Scope, Routing, Deep linking, Controller, Services, Dependency Injections, Cross supports,and unit testing features exceeding anticipations of the application developer when heading to customization.

Angular JS UI & UX Development
Angular JS avails us with a simple template syntax and MVC paradigm to create a clear cut boundary between view and model. Hence, we are faster in front-end development. With the help of templates and injectors, we bind properties and events to UI components in the framework,and AJAX helps us to behave all dynamically.

Angular JS APIs Development
We seamlessly bind web services, plugins, and 3rd party software using APIs while our Angular JS developers are pushing boundaries when creating custom APIs as tailor-made solutions.

AngularJS Dynamic Application Development
Our hands-on expertise in CSS, XML, XHR, and XHTML, along with JavaScript in Angular JS framework, enable us to create AJAX-powered dynamic applications, SAP, and dynamic web portals.

AngularJS Maintenance & Support
We believe in politeness and quick response when queries arrive from our web visitors, clients under the development process, or patrons at any stage of post-development. Our support and marketing teams are ready to attend you round-the-clock along with the technical team.

Hire AngularJS Developer
Our freedom for selection and free consulting while you opt for hire Angular JS developer packages are the most alluring offerings for many in the industry. It is flexibility and comprehensiveness in the packages that win the hearts of tech-savvy and budget-conscious clients.

Angular JS Development Empowers Us to Deliver Everything Out-of-Box

Two-way Data Binding

With it, any change in UI impacts the application objects and vice versa. Thereby, when a browser event occurs, the module changes the actions on the page. Thus, it alleviates storing links to DOM and low-level constructions during AngularJS web application development.

SAP Supports

AngularJS has built-in features to support the creation of SAP (Single Page Application) because all elements of AJAX existing in the framework. For instance, Form Controller, Validators, and automatic error message display are some of the SAP-oriented features.

Enterprise-Grade Testing

With Karma like CLI & Jasmin, like the BBD framework, Angular JS is rich in enterprise-level testing. It allows you to follow ‘one file – one module’ principle to ease manual as well as automated testing even for each sprint in Scrum or Kanban like Agile Development methods.

Feature Rich Framework

Angular JS boasts with rich features, including Bazel Compiler, Clouser Compiler, Component Dev Kit, ng update, Ivy Renderer, Internationalized Pipes, Routers, Service,and Worker (for PWA development).

Client-side Solutions

The framework grants developers the interconnected set of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) client-side applications. It because it supports many features such as form validation, dependencies, and data binding to deliver, persistently performing, and bug-free client-side solutions.

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