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iOS App Development Company

We Create Abstractions for Innovations

Hyzen, An iOSApplication Development Company

We avid iOS technology evangelists. We talk about the latest version of Swift and give good hints in Objective C-programming to our fellow developers on our launch tables. We depict our flairs in X-Code and Cocoa Touch when a challenging project is on-hand.

We had a beautifully implemented Core ML (Machine Learning) framework when innovations were at the core in AI-powered smart iOS app development. Our hands-on expertise in ARKit with iOS 11 had amazed many retailers when we successfully delivered iOS apps in untraversed niches.

We have experimented on Watch OS 4.0 successfully to explore emerging technologies. Our contributions in IoT application development using iOS platform offerings is an applauded saga in the industry.

Hyzen, A Value-Adding iOS/iPhone App Developer Company

When brands requested us for the custom iOS app development, we have satisfied them by handing over their niche-specific solutions. Therefore, our game entrepreneur clients are enjoying big earnings from their highly engaging games with our iOS game development.

Our business-specific iOS applications have AI-powered Chatbot, BI analytics, smart search, and AI-based predictive engines for their ecommerce and Omnichannel commerce.

Our M-commerce iOS app development is equipped with almost all advanced payment methods like e-wallet and payment gateways. Our travel and tourism iOS app development has yielded the best location-based features and integrations like GPS, Maps, iBeacon, NFD, Bluetooth, and so on.

Our retail iOS app development is empowered with AR and VR technologies to create dazzling product presentations and facilitate to taste products virtually. Fashion & apparel iOS app development is the most beneficial niche.

Our Cutting-edge iOS App Development Services/iPhone App Development Services

iPhone App Development
Our knacks on iPhone SDKs and hardware enable us to deliver native user experience and functionality through iPhone application development services. Our throughput are remaining unique for tiny but cloying devices and greatly useful to hit your business or personal goals.

iPad App Development
We have calibrated iPad application by using our best iPad application development practices and offerings of iPad SDKs. The native tablet experience is at the center of our strategies and processes.

Cross-platform & Hybrid iOS App Development
Apart from native iOS technologies, we are passionate about cross-platform frameworks like Ionic, Angular JS, React JS, PhoneGap, and Titanium to create native iOS-like app experience in cross-platform iOS application development.

iOS UI – UX Design
We are accustomed to iOS design features and offerings. Moreover, our adherence to obeying Apple Store specifications for designing UIs and crafting UX grant us early approvals in the marketplace. Attractive design and best UX are resulting in high usage, engagements, and conversions.

iOS App Integration
SMBs and enterprises often look for various 3rd party software and service integrations. Our CMS, CRM, ERP, cloud/web services, and payment gateway integrations end up in seamless user experience and add values in your iOS app development.

iOS App Porting
Android to iOS porting requirements is common in the mobile app development industry. Of course, it demands adequate familiarity with both platforms. Fortunately, I have enough experience and a team of talented iOS app developers to deal with it effectively.

iOS Support & Maintenance Services
Our iOS support team is ready to serve you 24X7X365 with polite and quick responses. Our iOS maintenance packages are delivering high ROI because we keep your iOS apps updated & upgraded at a technical and business point of view.

iOS App Features that can take it to next level

Swift 5.0

We are fluent in the Swift 5.0 version. We can create pre-compiled frameworks using ABI stability. We are easily handling errors,  and exceptions in Swift using Async/Await pattern facilities.

Touch ID

We make your iOS devices, applications, data safe by providing secure authentication and authorization using Touch ID.

Cloud Kit

By enabling Apple ID, your app data become secure in iCloud containers whenever you wish to store it all in your iOS applications. Apart from storage, we enable iOS applications to leverage other cloud services in favor of their business.

Home Kit

When you look for out-of-box iOS IoT applications, we use the HomeKit framework to control and connect home accessories and devices. We create actions to control the accessories and operate them using Siri commands.

Health Kit

Apple HealthKit is a revolutionary framework to help in iOS healthcare app development. We use it sparingly to track health using wearable devices containing iWatch OS and wearable sensors.

Watch Kit

Apple has contributed to wearable app development by proffering the WatchKit framework to the iOS developers. We capable of delivering iOS wearable apps with advanced features and functionality.

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