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Hire Magento Developer

Our Flexible Magento Resource Engagements.

Magento is relatively a complex ecommerce system even for the merchants who have to deal with it on a day-to-day basis. A constant help of expert Magento developers is essential to manage and maintain the storefront to ensure smooth and productive running. When you are going to create, redesign,or maintain your Magento e-shop, you must be a dependable Magento development company at your side. If you lack the in-house Magento team, Hyzen could be your Magento development partner for Magento development. Our Magento design, Magento programming, Magento migration, Magento integration, and Magento marketing services are outstanding in the industry. Our Magento support and maintenance services can relive your burden a lot.

How Our Hire Magento Developer Packages Are useful?

  • You may know that hiring an in-house team means to go through the recruitment process, training, nurturing, retaining, and managing costly Magento developers for a long duration.
  • It is good for a software development company to bear the burden, but certainly not for a Magento merchant who has to focus on the core activities of the business, marketing, and growth.
  • Moreover, for a merchant, Magento development is a one-time process. So none can spend on it much.
  • Hyzen offers a comprehensive solution for the several such issues and offers flexible hire Magento developer packages to address a variety of remote hiring needs, be it onshore or offshore.
  • Hyzen has a set procedure for on-boarding a client seeking to hire Magento developer services through an appropriate engagement model.

How Our Hire Magento Developer On-boarding a Client?

Let’s check it with some key steps right from commencement to accomplishment.

Submission of Project Needs
Our BA (Business Analysts) team gather info regarding your ecommerce business goals, audience, business processes, and requirements to create required features and functionality in your Magento store. A client has to cooperate BA team by providing direct inputs for each query or setup a business-side team for it.

Documentation of Project Proposal
Our BA team defines every business need in technical terms like feature and functionality modules and prepare a document for a project proposal. It also contains a ballpark estimation of required hours for development and testing of each module, as well as milestones for deliverables and payment accordingly.

Selection of Engagement Module
According to budgetary constraints, our allocated project manager suggests the appropriate engagement model for you. We help the client to select development methods, such as a waterfall for the fixed-rate and defined outcomes. The scrum like Agile Development methods needs a full-time or hourly engagement model among “Hire Magento Developer” packages.

Selection of Magento Developer Team
The client has the freedom to select team members after enough recruiting process like looking for educational qualifications, practical experience, niche expertise, and many other Magento developers’ skills criteria.

Onboarding the Project
Hyzen uses the best project management software (PMS) customized to meet the goals of the team. It sets the client as an active member of the team and introduces the project manager, team leaders, and different teams of Magento developers in the PMS. Here, strategy, methodology, and planning for development have defined during the on-boarding process.

Finally, the process begins!

Sheer advantages of hiring Magento developers.

Easy & Quick Communication with Developer

Our smart PMS and the latest communication channels allow a merchant team to communicate with the hire Magento developer team. It proves value-adding when quick feedback is a need.

Smart Project Management

Our trained project managers, team leaders, and smart project management software are helping a client to comprehend the technicality in a simple way and monitor the progress of the project on a regular basis.

Short Deadline

Our development methodologies, strategies, and planning to ensure faster development than ever. Our iteration and testing planned to make quick turn-arounds of the projects without compromising with quality credentials.

Transparent Reporting

Our smart PMS enables clients to get instant progress reports and monitor project with transparent project reporting on a regular basis as well as an on-demand basis.

Team Availability

We offer dedicated Magento developers in most of the hiring models. Thus, developers are constantly available for your work and respond to the query quickly. Our team is working round-the-clock to mitigate time zone differences.

Store Insights

Our Magento developers provide you deep store insights to enable you to go for value-adding decisions. We use the latest analytics and analysis software to get in-depth store insights and use the best presentation techniques to make all comprehensive.

Full-stack Magento Developer

To ensure consistent quality and fast turn over, we employ full-stack Magento developers who ultimately eliminate the involvement of different teams for different work like designing, programming, testing, and deployment with separate teams.

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