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Magento Support & Maintenance Company

We Help You to Run Magento Store Smoothly?

Ecommerce shoppers always anticipate a smooth, soothing, and hurdle-less shopping journey from an online store. Security concerns are the next thing to build trust among ecommerce visitors.

Any mishap, including the emergency crash of the site, can ruin sales during holiday traffic spikes. After an emergency break or fatal error, your site may experience a big loss in revenue. Moreover, getting emergency support during holiday seasons like busy days from a seasoned team of Magento developers may prove a nightmare.

Thereby, our Magento support & maintenance service packages proffer viable and feasible solutions to ensure round-the-clock productivity and performance of your Magento ecommerce.

How Our Magento Support & Maintenance can help you to keep up your store?

Ecommerce market always scares seasoned Magento developers’ availability for support and maintenance services.

It becomes more acute during holiday spikes when mishaps are frequent. Similarly, bugs, crashes, version updates, feature & functionality updates, regular backup, on-time store & service restoration, and marketing issues prove miscellaneous but vital issues for excellent performance and productivity.

It is our support & maintenance services, which can address each issue with enough care even before those arising on the surface.

We have talented, expert, and experience Magento designers and Magento certified developers in our support & maintenance team. Thus, we prove an extra aid that lets you focus on your core business activities bearing the responsibility for the smooth ride of your e-shop round-the-clock.

Henceforth, you might have high traffic, conversion, and sales with the best ROI after signing our support & maintenance package.

Features of Our Magento Support & Maintenance Services.

Code Reviews
Our Magento front-end and back-end audit services help us to detect the issues right before they emerge. We carry design and code reviews to mitigate those issues upfront. It helps Magento merchants to keep standard code prescribed by the platform during various support and maintenance scenario.

Version Upgrade
Our update/upgrade support keeps your store updated by continuously updating the Magento version and providing platform migration services. With the changing trends and invasion of upcoming technologies, compel Magento ecommerce to update features, functions, and integrations to be competitive and advanced, and our team carries all burdens easily.

Outage Recovery
Disasters, whether human-made or natural, can disrupt your store functionality and damage it mild to severe levels. Our foolproof Magento store backup plans, infrastructure, and tools enable us to keep a full backup of your store with resources, data, and code in local to global (Cloud) storage.

Performance Optimization
We analyze various performance metrics, such as load time, images, videos, graphics, navigation, scripting methods, essential and additional features,and functionality to assure better performance and interactions during our performance optimization support.

Extension Installation
We know an additional extension proves burdensome for store performance. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring the essentially and value addition of each extension installed in your Magento store. Thereby, we come with appropriate suggestions to cut, replace, or modify extensions for better performance and productivity of your store without compromising with customization goals.

Bug Fixing
Our constant monitoring services enable us to watch uptime/downtime, errors, bugs, and security checks. Our experts immediately rush to mitigate issues upfront or before they grow at a fatal level.

We Provide Professional and Reliable Support

Dedicated Support Services

We assure 24×7/365 dedicated support services by allocating expert Magento developer for technical support. Our Magento marketing team extends helping hands for marketing support, and the general support team,along with Chatbot everywhere,manages general queries with quick responses.

Dedicated Maintenance Services

Our dedicated Magento maintenance team keeps uninterrupted watch over Magento stores of our patrons. The team uses the latest arsenals to monitor, analyzing, and scanning the store in a regular program to offer preventative maintenance services. Our emergency maintenance team responds within a fraction of the moment to prevent further damages and make a hard effort to get quick restoration.

Magento Certified Developer Services

We have all four types of Magento certified developers to ensure Magento preferred standards in your project as well as during maintenance to keep compatibility with hardware, platforms, browsers, and servers/cloud hosting the storefront. Our certified developers look into code for the best coding practices and design for excellent optimization during maintenance services.

Genuine Magento Customer Services

We use the latest communication channels, including email, live chat, support ticket system, instant messengers, and VOIP for offshore visitors to assure our availability for customer service of any kind. Our customer care team are polite and responding quickly to any query in highly positive and value-adding ways.


Comprehensive Support & Maintenance Packages

We have devised Magento support and maintenance service packages in highly comprehensive ways, with enough flexibility to meet bespoke needs, and cost-effective to remain market competitive. It ensures good health and productivity of your Magento ecommerce store for its entire software lifecycle.

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